Fantasy cricket is an online sports game for the cricket fans to strategize and get new insights into the game and playing an online cricket match with their friends, family, and all other fans in a fantasy gaming app. It is an online game where the player uses his managerial skills and makes a team of his own which comprises of captain, vice-captain, wicket keeper, baller, batter, and thus score points according to the performance of the team in the match.

However, it can be said that online fantasy cricket is a game of sports that is to be won by skills and not just a betting and gambling game which is just based on luck. This is because no user picks a single team, instead different users have to use their skills to choose the highest-scoring team.

There are few factors to go through before making a fantasy cricket team in a fantasy app which help the cricket fans to edge past their opponents and win more. And among these factors, the most crucial thing is Stats.

Along with the game knowledge, Stats play an important role in every fantasy sport for every fantasy user before making their teams. Stats include ensuring good performers in recent games. It also helps deciding which players to be picked & which not to be picked. 

Stats help understanding the players’ performances as you must skip the players’ reputation in such situations. A player like Kuldeep Yadav might have been in great form back in 2017 or 2018 but he is not the same force to reckon with today. You’ve to do your analysis and choose the players based on their current form and the regularity with which they play for their teams.

There are stats for everything in a cricket match, saying stats in relation with the pitch or stats regarding which team bats first is key in deciding the combination of a user’s fantasy team.

The pitch plays a significant role in deciding the fate of a match and it is important that you understand it beforehand. Of course, you can never say for sure, but some analysis can be made based on the venue. You would know that Eden Gardens is a fast-paced pitch compared to a Chepauk and you could pick up more fast bowlers than the spinners and more batsmen as it is considered as batting pitch as well. Based on the pitch, you can pick the teams accordingly.

Read the pitch report well so that you can understand whether the spinners or the pacers will be in advantage, and you can select your bowling line up in accordance with that.

Similarly, stats concerning the win and loss ratio of the team batting first at that pitch also helps in creating the fantasy cricket team. If there is a match between Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings and knowing the stat Mumbai have never won at that ground while batting first, the user can pick more players from the other team, and it will automatically impact the result.

Stats are the key to take the right calls before the match begins, and you should always take multiple statistics into account while making a projection.

Apart from that, knowing about the size of the ground is also important. In the case of the smaller grounds, batsmen can hit more boundaries, so the probability will be that they will give you more points. Apart from that, when there is a small ground spinner tends to give away more runs while settling for lesser wickets. So, knowing the statistics about the ground size, you can decide how many spinners or fast bowlers you want in your team.