The Bombay High Court set aside an arbitral award in favour of the Board of Control for Cricket in India in the BCCI-World Sports Group India (WSGI)-Multi Screen Media (MSM, Sony) IPL broadcast rights case, calling it a perverse award, in a major decision that could have far reaching implications in the cricket business. Moreover, the court ruled that the much maligned Facilitation Fee, which led to the removal of former IPL chairman Lalit Modi from the BCCI, was not illegal.

Modi, who is presently in exile in the United Kingdom, immediately declared that “truth has triumphed.”

The WSGI, which initially had the IPL rights for 2008-17, helped the BCCI earn Rs 1791 crore more and behaved in the BCCI’s best interests, according to Justice BP Colabawala. The court also ruled that the Rs 425-crore Facilitation Fee, which had become a contentious issue, was a legitimate component in the BCCI-WSGI-MSM tripartite deal. The court stated that all parties were fully aware of it, contrary to the BCCI’s allegations that only Modi was aware of it. MSM (Sony) was required to pay a facilitation charge to WSG (Mauritius) or WSGM.

“Time is a factor; I reconstructed the JPL by myself. Not that it matters to me, but the BCCI has barred me from playing cricket for the rest of my life. Guess what I did to make Modi recession-proof (the 2008 economic slowdown). It will, without a doubt, be a global showpiece for India. It will be a major entertainment property all over the world And did it for free so that my country could watch it on TV. The terrible aspect is that the selfish members who profit from my creation are so afraid of my shadow that they refused to let my children in on a purchased ticket The only question now is what the media will call him a fugitive, Go ahead and try it Now I’m going to sue everyone in the UK and see what happens,” Modi told on Sunday (March 20).