As a result of a back injury, Jasprit Bumrah has been ruled out of the next T20 World Cup. Many fans and pundits are unsure how Team India would do without their best bowler in the competition. Former player Ajay Jadeja believes that despite being without Bumrah, Rohit Sharma’s team has “still managed to perform well.” In addition, he said that Waqar Younis, who was injured and “at that time was the greatest bowler,” was not there when Pakistan won the 1992 World Cup.

According to Jadeja, the “Indian squad should not have” a problem without Bumrah since “no role play was allocated to him,” according to Cricbuzz. “You are aware that answering this question is really difficult. But to keep things straightforward and to offer supporters some optimism. One is that during this year, we didn’t play with Jasprit Bumrah. With Jasprit Bumrah, we only played a small number of games, but India still performed well, he said.

Therefore, he was not allocated a role play. Fortunately, the Indian squad shouldn’t have any issues from that perspective. Jasprit Bumrah is so unique that you can’t possibly replicate him; try not to even get close to that.

Two, I’ll tell them a tale from 30 years ago to reassure you that you know young people who have joined us. 1992 saw the return of the World Cup to Australia. It’s unlikely that many Indians would approve of this, yet the World Cup-winning squad had a similar occurrence. In that era, a guy by the name of Waqar Younis was the best bowler in any format, and like Jasprit Bumrah, he was an aggressive bowler. He missed out on that World Cup just before with a back injury, pretty similar to Jasprit Bumrah, but at the end of the day, Pakistan happened to win that World Cup”, he further added.