Following Rishabh Pant’s tragic tragedy on Friday morning, England wicketkeeper-batsman Jonny Bairstow pleaded with everyone to give the Indian stumper space to “rest and heal in solitude.” Pant, a left-hander, is said to have fallen asleep at the wheel of his fancy automobile while travelling from Delhi to Roorkee to surprise his family before the New Year. The vehicle crashed into a road barrier and spun over many times on the Delhi-Dehradun route before taking fire. Fortunately, he was able to exit the vehicle before the fire spread. The Saksham hospital in Roorkee received him urgently. He received emergency care before being sent to experts at Dehradun’s Max Hospital.

Before and after the vehicle collision, several images and videos circulated on social media. Some of them included a video of a bleeding Rishabh Pant asking the camera to stop recording. Many people, including Bairstow, believed it was improper to post pictures and videos of Pant’s injuries on social media.

“Fast recovery, @RishabhPant17! It’s never pleasant to see accidents, but we’re glad he’s in the hospital and stable. People should give him some space to relax and heal for the time being, in my opinion.” Bairstow tweeted while recovering from a serious leg injury.

In addition to two cuts on his forehead, a ligament rupture in his right knee, injuries to his right wrist, ankle, and toe, as well as abrasions on his back, Pant also has two cuts on his forehead. Rishabh’s status is stable, and he has now been sent to the Max Hospital in Dehradun where he will have an MRI to determine the full extent of his injuries and determine the next steps in his care.

“by the accident involving renowned cricketer Rishabh Pant. I offer up a prayer for his health and well-being. @RishabhPant17, “PM Modi tweeted.

The forthcoming white-ball series against Sri Lanka, which starts on January 3, will not include Pant. Before the Border Gavaskar Trophy in February, he was scheduled to enrol in a strength and conditioning programme at the National Cricket Academy (NCA) in Bengaluru. However, this incident has now made the left-participation hander’s in the four-match Test series very questionable.