Cricket needs to do a better job of combating racism, according to England managing director Ashley Giles, who also asked for individuals who had committed “mistakes” to be given a second chance. Azeem Rafiq, a Pakistan-born former Yorkshire player who made a series of charges against high-profile figures in the sport, has shocked English cricket with his scathing disclosures of bigotry.

During a county match, former England captain Vaughan allegedly informed Rafiq and other Asian-origin Yorkshire players that there were “too many of you bunch.” Vaughan was then dropped out of the BBC commentary team for the Ashes to avoid a “conflict of interest,” despite having “categorically denied” the claim. Giles said the England squad had reflected on the Rafiq situation and that hearing his story had been “hard to listen to” while speaking to British reporters from the team’s headquarters in Australia on Sunday.

“Cricket needed to do “far better… prejudice in any form just isn’t acceptable,” the former Test bowler said, but he also emphasized the importance of giving individuals second chances. I think we have a problem if zero tolerance means we cut people off, we don’t provide second chances, we don’t give people an opportunity to rehabilitate,” he said. “We all make errors, and we will continue to do so, but we must be willing to accept, teach, and rehabilitate, otherwise people will not open up and share their stories.”

Many of England’s visiting party, according to Giles, had listened to Rafiq’s statement to British legislators earlier this month on his experiences. I’m sure there will be incidents and things I’ve said that I wouldn’t be proud of in a different time and context,” he said. “I’m sure cricket isn’t alone in those experiences, but it’s clear that we need to keep creating environments where people can keep coming forward and sharing those experiences and we can talk about these issues. And in order to accomplish so, we must educate, share, and, I believe, accept one another.”