Justin Langer has resigned from the position of Head Coach of the Australian cricket team. Although he was given a short-term contract extension till the T20 WC, which is scheduled to be held this year, he has declined it. In his resignation letter, he said that it was best for the board to move on. Langer’s stint with the CA ended on a bad note. He was not supported by Pat Cummins for the extension of his contract and was even subjected to internal conflicts and hate within the team.

Ricky Ponting and Adam Gilchrist have spoken out against CA for the poor treatment of a talented coach. The ECB might try to hire Langer for their team, and Tom Harrison has given certain hints regarding that. According to crictracker, ECB CEO, Tom Harrison, says, “We need to make the best selections possible when it comes to coaching finances. Clearly, you’re England’s coach. To accomplish so, we’ll need the greatest coaches available”.

Matthew Hayden, the former Australia opener, and Ricky Ponting, the former captain, have both spoken out against Langer’s departure. Given Langer’s four-year stay, Hayden believes the ECB must contract him, while Ponting believes it is an unusual moment for a coach to go.

“It’s up to you to enrol him. Imagine what he could accomplish with England if he could turn over Cricket Australia in four years. May God provide for us,” Hayden remarked.

“This appears to be an unusual time for a bus to depart. “In terms of Australian cricket, I think it’s a pretty sad day,” Ponting remarked.