The process for determining the outcome of the postponed fifth Test at Old Trafford, as well as the series’ fate, has begun. The ECB has written to the ICC, requesting that they begin the adjudication process as soon as possible.

The fifth Test was called off three hours before the scheduled start time on Friday (September 10) due to concerns in the Indian camp over the spread of COVID within the team. Yogesh Parmar, a fourth member of the backroom staff, tested positive on Wednesday, following three previous cases discovered during the Oval Test.

While ICC sources claim that they are unaware of the ECB writing to the ICC on the matter, the host cricket board has already done so because they are facing a loss of GBP 40 million, the majority of which will not be covered if COVID-19 is the reason for the game’s cancellation.

While the match may be rescheduled, maybe for next summer, ECB chief executive Tom Harrison said on Friday that such a match would likely be seen as a separate Test rather than a continuation of this year’s series. If that is the case, the game will not be included in the World Test Championship, and the destiny of this summer’s series will have to be decided, which the ECB is putting in the hands of the International Cricket Council.

There are two scenarios that could occur. The result will be declared null and void and the series will be considered a four-match affair, with India winning 2-1 and World Test Championship points awarded on a percentage of available points basis, if the match is deemed by the ICC’s Dispute Resolution Committee (DRC) to have been cancelled for acceptable reasons under the COVID allowances in the ICC rules. The DRC might also rule that India forfeited the match and award it to England, bringing the series to a 2-2 tie.