The United Arab Emirates has recently hosted a number of high-profile competitions. It recently hosted the second halves of the PSL 2021 and IPL 2021, as well as the full ICC T20 World Cup 2021. The Dubai Cricket Council, on the other hand, has expressed interest in hosting the bilateral series between India and Pakistan. Only during ICC events do the two nations collide. Due to political issues between the countries, they do not play each other in any bilateral series. However, once reports of countries playing more cricket against each other began to circulate, Dubai Cricket Council Chairman Abdul Rahman Falaknaz spoke out.

“He believes that the UAE is the ideal neutral venue for games between India and Pakistan. Getting India-Pakistan matches here would be ideal. It was like a war when Sharjah hosted India and Pakistan all those years ago. But it was a great war, a sporting war, and a fantastic war. I recall when [Bollywood actor] Raj Kapoor and his family visited. ‘How fantastic it is to have these India-Pakistan clashes in Sharjah,’ he added during the awards ceremony. Cricket brings people together, it has brought us together, and it should continue to do so. As a result, this is what we’d like to do. It would be amazing if we could persuade India to come here and play Pakistan once or twice a year,” Falaknaz added, according to the Khaleej Times.

The IPL and the T20 World Cup 2021 were planned to be held in India at first. However, due to the pandemic’s uncertainty, it was relocated to the United Arab Emirates. Falaknaz went on to say that they were fortunate to have an alternative to India.

“I am quite proud because the UAE as a whole, and Dubai in particular, hosts the best of everything. The T20 World Cup is, of course, a hallmark of solid organisation. I believe we are fortunate to have an option in India. I hope to arrange more India-Pakistan matches in Dubai in the future. I’ll try to get my BCCI colleagues to do the same. We will gladly provide our venue if they are willing to play Pakistan,” Falaknaz remarked.