Don’t create monsters in the changing room, says Gambhir in response to the question “Dhoni then, Kohli today,” which criticizes “player worshipping.”

Gautam Gambhir, a former cricketer for India and a two-time World Cup champion, has criticized the “hero worship” that permeates the Indian cricket community, not only among fans but also in the media and even the broadcasters themselves. Gambhir thinks that this tradition, which stretches back to 1983, when India won the cricket World Cup and wrote history, has resulted in supporters praising players like Virat Kohli, MS Dhoni, and Kapil Dev to the point that they have forgotten or overlooked the achievements of other team members.

When questioned further about brand building in Indian cricket, the former India opener originally spoke about his attitude to politics before switching to the gentleman’s game. At that point, he advised, “Avoid making monsters in the changing area. Indian cricket should be the only monster, not a certain person “.

After ending a 1021-day century drought with a brilliant 122 in the game, former skipper Kohli was hailed around the nation. It was his maiden century in T20I cricket and his first in an international match since November 2019. Gambhir was worried because, although Kohli did play a significant role in the game and India’s victory, Bhuvneshwar Kumar also made an extraordinary game-changing contribution with his record-setting five-wicket haul.

“Bhuvneshwar Kumar, a young man from the little village of Meerut, also managed to take five wickets, but no one even thought to mention him when Kohli reached the century mark. This was such a shame. During that period of commentary, I was the only one to say that. He took five wickets in four overs of bowling, and I don’t believe anybody is aware of it. But when Kohli hits 100, there are celebrations throughout the nation. India has to stop idolizing its heroes. It doesn’t matter whether it’s politics, Indian cricket, or Delhi cricket. Stop praising heroes, please. Indian cricket, or for that matter Delhi or India, is the only thing we need to idolize “said he.