Legendary Indian cricketer Sunil Gavaskar criticized the “old powers” England and Australia for claiming that the IPL has disrupted the international cricket calendar. The criticism of the IPL gained steam when several IPL franchise owners invested in teams in the upcoming T20 leagues in South Africa and the UAE, which are expected to clash with the dates of Australia’s Big Bash League and England’s The Hundred. Gavaskar barred England and Australia from “interfering” with Indian cricket’s activities and advised them to “look after their interest.”

“Take care of your cricket interests if you want to, but just don’t interfere with ours or tell us what to do. We will more successfully follow out your orders and safeguard our interests than you would.” Gavaskar said in his Sportstar article.

Gavaskar called the controversy “amusing” and said that as soon as they discovered about the South African and UAE leagues, England and Australia started “squirming.”

“It’s amusing to hear that the Indian Premier League is once again seen as meddling with the cricket schedules of other overseas clubs. The “old powers” deployed apologists to criticize the IPL as soon as news of the UAE T20 league and the South African T20 league leaked “He was cool.

The former India captain said that England and Australia are worried about the timetable because the new events will overlap with active T20 leagues. The England & Wales Cricket Board has designed a window for The Hundred, its trademark event, to take place when the England team is not participating in any international events.

The Australians scheduled The Big Bash to take place at the periods when their contracted players would be available. Due to their tight schedule, they worry that some of their players may decide to play in the T20 contests in the UAE and South Africa instead of the Big Bash. ” Gavaskar, too.

The first player to reach 10,000 Test runs, Gavaskar, emphasized how Indian teams were not often invited in the past, but that changed as cricket gained popularity in India.