India’s first Test match against Bangladesh saw continuing domination thanks to spinner Kuldeep Yadav’s four-wicket haul. After Day 2, the hosts had a score of 133/8 in response to India’s 404, with Kuldeep at 4/33. Shakib Al Hasan, the captain of Bangladesh, was dismissed by Kuldeep with only his second delivery of the game for just three runs.

The second ball he threw to Shakib Al Hasan, a skilled spin bowler, was the turning point for me. He is capable of handling a spinner. Stepped out, but the ball barely received enough spin and a little drop in front for him to take the incorrect stroke. That bowling was excellent. The beginning of his stint began with that ball, which would have given Kuldeep a lot of confidence, according to Karthik on Cricbuzz.

“From that point on, Kuldeep was seen in full flow. He agitates the hitters. The hitters that followed him can attest to how difficult it was for them to play him. That gave me a lot of hope. Even when they go overseas, it will maintain India in good standing; more so, it will do so for the next series against Australia. He’ll develop into a useful tool, he said.

This time, Kuldeep also made a bat-related contribution. For the ninth wicket, he scored 87 runs off 200 balls, an important partnership that helped India get over 400 runs. To Taijul Islam, Kuldeep was out for 40 after 114 balls.

“When he was younger, he used to bat for Uttar Pradesh in the top order. His dream is to be a hitter. He lacks power, which is why he does less well in white-ball cricket. However, he possesses excellent technique and goes behind the line of the ball while playing red-ball cricket. As a spinner, you typically understand how to play spin properly and might see that. He did a great job at using sweep and reverse sweep. He took initiative, which annoyed the bowlers. India’s batting performance was excellent, and the lower order made a significant contribution. We needed it since going all out for 290 and achieving 404 are two very different things, according to Karthik.