Ravi Shastri’s term as India’s coach has been a huge success, and he will step down after the T20 World Cup in the United Arab Emirates in late November. While no official announcement has been made about the next appointment, it is largely assumed that Rahul Dravid will take over.

MS Dhoni’s appointment as a consultant for Team India at the T20 World Cup has just added fuel to the flames. Dhoni and Dravid, according to MSK Prasad, India’s previous head of selectors, will be in the picture very soon.

“This was the emotion I had in my heart. My colleagues recently challenged me, saying that after Ravi Bhai’s period, MS must become a mentor and Rahul Dravid must become a coach. These were some of the conversations I had with my fellow commentators while covering the IPL. I had a feeling that Rahul, as a studious individual, would offer value to Team India after Ravi Bhai’s departure, “Prasad told Sports Tak about the situation.

Prasad further mentioned that he will be dissatisfied if MS Dhoni and Rahul Dravid do not take over the position on a permanent basis as soon as possible. He believes the partnership has the potential to propel Indian cricket forward.

“The addition of Rahul as a coach and MS as a mentor will be beneficial to Indian cricket. Both are cool and collected, and one is a dedicated student. More importantly, a large number of players who are currently developing, have been groomed by Rahul, who was also the India A coach. So there’s some fantastic planning going on. If Rahul is not the coach and MS is not a mentor after this management era, I will be very dissatisfied, “Prasad continued.