Dhoni said that he would not compromise on the following two issues: Sridhar on MSD’s “eye-opener,” which changed Indian cricket

It is difficult to keep track of all the advancements that the great MS Dhoni made to Indian cricket. When Dhoni was appointed the team’s new captain in 2007, Indian cricket never looked back. Under his direction, India won the T20 World Cup, the 50-over World Cup, and the Champions Trophy. He made sure that India reached the top of the ICC Test rankings in addition to getting the best out of his men. Some of his bold and daring decisions fundamentally changed the Indian cricket landscape. In ODI matches, he selected Rohit Sharma to open the batting, and he encouraged a young Virat Kohli despite his difficulties in his early Test matches. The outcomes of their decisions are all known to us.

But the way the game was depicted was Dhoni’s biggest gift to Indian cricket. For a long time, the only two components of Indian cricket were bowling and batting, but under Dhoni, fielding, and fitness started to get equal attention and importance. Former India fielding coach R Sridhar recalled how Dhoni made it clear that there was zero tolerance for complacency in those two areas for him. When Dhoni was the captain in 2014, Sridhar joined the team.

“MS… he managed the fielding as captain. My eyes were also widened by the dashing between the wickets. According to MS, “fielding and running between the wicket” are two things she will not compromise on. And it still holds now. And Virat kept giving fielding his whole attention. According to Ravi, the park would be taken by the top 11 fielders. That much importance was given to fielding, “Sridhar informed Cricket.com.

Sridhar was then asked to choose the best fielder on the Indian team, a task that proved difficult for him to do owing to the team’s large number of fielders. However, in addition to the standard names, Sridhar also took a few names of people he enjoyed practicing fielding with.