The four-wicket defeat to India in the Super 12 game of the T20 World Cup 2022 left some Pakistani fans inconsolable. The decisions made by the umpires in the frantic game’s final confused several of them. Despite being one of the game’s many crucial moments, the debate surrounding Indian batters having three byes in the last over has lingered.

In the 20th over of India’s chase, spinner Mohammad Nawaz allowed a no-ball and a free hit after delivering his fourth delivery. He afterward bowled a wide, so the free hit stayed. The following delivery, which was still the fourth legal ball, resulted in the dismissal of Indian batsman Virat Kohli. The ball ricocheted off the stumps and flew toward the open third-man position. Dinesh Karthik and Virat Kohli both took three bye runs before the fielder was able to clear the ball. However, Pakistani captain Babar Azam was perplexed by India’s speed and asked the umpire to explain the decision.

Although many people blamed Pakistan’s poor performance on the rule, the three byes were officially added to India’s total in conformity with International Cricket Council (ICC) norms. Mark Taylor, a former captain of Australia, commented on the situation and said that the batting side shouldn’t benefit from anything that would often result in a dismissal.

“If the ball hits the stumps, in my view, you are granted an unfair advantage. The ball might ricochet anywhere in a situation like the one we saw on Sunday night, for starters, and if the fielding crew tries to run out the batter, the bails are already in place, making it more challenging “Taylor added.

“If the batsman is bowled or caught after a free hit, it seems fair and rational to me that the ball should be ruled dead. By avoiding going out after a free hit, you gain something, but you shouldn’t benefit twice from what would often be a dismissal.”