The night of October 15, 2021, was a dream come true for Chennai Super Kings supporters, as the franchise won its fourth title in its ninth final appearance. Under the captaincy of renowned MS Dhoni, the high-spirited guys in yellow did not stray from their ultimate goal. However, with CSK finishing the season on a good note, there were concerns among fans about MS’s future with the yellow army.

Because the IPL 2022 will be preceded by a mega auction, many teams will be shifted due to limited retentions. However, in the most recent turn of events, a CSK official has affirmed that, regardless of the circumstances, Dhoni will receive the first retention card from CSK. The official went on to say that they still don’t know how many retentions would be made, but that the ship needs its skipper and that he will return next year.

“It is true that there will be retention. We don’t have any information on the number of retentions. But, in MS’ situation, it’s secondary because the first card will be used for him. The ship needs a captain, and you can bet he’ll be back next year,” a CSK official told Sports Tiger.

MS caught up with Harsha Bhogle for a post-match chat as soon as the final between KKR and CSK ended, and underlined that everything rests on the BCCI in terms of his ambitions with CSK. He went on to say that the team should be built with the next ten years in mind, and that the core group should not suffer as a result of him. He did, however, give his admirers a reason to smile by concluding, “he still hasn’t left his legacy behind.”