The accusations against Mark Boucher in his disciplinary hearing have been withdrawn, and the former South African wicketkeeper has said that he intends to stay as the men’s team’s head coach. The shocking announcement came only days after Paul Adams said he would not appear in the case, which was set to begin on Monday and might have resulted in Boucher’s dismissal.

“The CSA has determined that none of the disciplinary accusations against Boucher, including claims of racism, have any merit. As a result, the CSA board has publicly and unequivocally retracted all allegations.” “I look forward to continuing to concentrate on my work and pushing the Proteas men’s team to even greater heights,” Boucher said in a statement released separately.

Adams stated Boucher was among the players who called him “brown crap” in a dressing room song during his playing career, in answer to a question during the Social Justice and Nation Building (SJN) hearings in July. Because Boucher is a full-time CSA employee, his name was mentioned in relation to the disciplinary procedures.

Boucher was also prosecuted because of his friendship with former assistant coach Enoch Nkwe and his management of the team’s Black Lives Matter problem. Nkwe is black, Boucher is white, and Adams is brown.