Chris Cairns, a former New Zealand star cricketer, was diagnosed with bowel cancer less than a week after being released from a hospital here following a catastrophic heart attack. The 51-year-old Cairns, who is wheelchair-bound after suffering a spinal stroke during heart surgery that left him paralysed below the waist, updated his status on social media on Saturday, claiming he was diagnosed with bowel cancer on Friday.

“In terms of weeks, I expected Tom Brady’s (former American football quarterback) retirement to be the low point… but it turns out that TB12’s retirement is a distant second. I was diagnosed with colon cancer last Friday… After what was meant to be a normal check-up, I received a tremendous shock that was not what I expected. So, as I prepare for another round of meetings with surgeons and specialists, I keep reminding myself how fortunate I am to be here… and how fortunate I am to have everything I do in my life. This week wasn’t horrible either; we were able to participate in several kids’ sports and celebrate Noah’s birthday at home. Another fight awaits, but let’s hope it’s a quick uppercut that ends in the first round,” Carin said.

Between 1989 and 2006, Cairns played in 62 Tests, 215 ODIs, and two T20Is for New Zealand. He was selected one of the five Wisden Cricketers of the Year in 2000. In August 2021, he had an aortic dissection, an uncommon and often fatal heart ailment, and was on life support. Four open-heart procedures saved his life, but the strain on his body was so great that a blood clot formed and he suffered a spinal stroke during the procedure, paralysing him from the waist down.