Sanju Samson has a renowned fan base. His supporters are dispersed all across the globe. If the large crowds that gathered to cheer for Samson during India vs. New Zealand series weren’t proof enough of the India batter’s expanding fan base, they were even sighted in Qatar during the FIFA World Cup. Every time Samson is left out of India’s starting XI, his supporters are quite vocal about how they feel. more so during the current New Zealand series. As a result of Samson being passed over for both T20Is and being left out of the second ODI without having an opportunity to bat in the first, the BCCI and the Indian team management faced a massive reaction from the public.

Rishabh Pant, though, is one person who consistently ends up getting the short end of the stick in the process. Fans sometimes tend to see the fight between Pant and Samson for the job of India’s wicketkeeper in a negative light. Biju, Samson’s boyhood coach, responded to the public’s emotional reaction by downplaying this behavior and asserting that the argument around Samson v. Pant has become more heated as a result of too many fans voicing too many ideas on social media.

“People are now turning against Rishabh Pant without cause, according to what is occurring on social media. Pant is present due to his extensive history of performances. And see that Sanju Samson and Pant do not clash. Samson has the experience and is qualified to represent India as a batter alone. Pant is exceptionally skilled at keeping score. When seen over an extended length of time, Pant has not committed a significant error or blunder behind the wickets. Over time, he has performed well for India in both red and white balls. He could be in a funk right now. when Virender Sehwag or Adam Gilchrist are mentioned as impact players. They need to make a levy fail, “CricketNext was informed by Biju.

“What I don’t like is how the Mallu crowd is disparaging Rishabh Pant and pitting Sanju Samson against the BCCI. It is completely off and completely incorrect. Political figures in Kerala claim that Sanju is being victimized and see cricket as just another political game. Not at all, no. I don’t think so; the problem is that his situation is unfavorable. He is not being intentionally singled out. Nobody in the Indian cricket system would be intentionally targeted, in my opinion. I don’t see that happening; I think the coach would be someone like VVS Laxman.”