The attempt by Adam Zampa to eject the non-striker from a Big Bash League match for excessive backing up sparked discussion regarding the appropriateness of the method of dismissal. Current and former players continue to dispute the firing procedure, previously known as the “Mankad,” despite the MCC granting it legal standing last year. Again, there was a stir when Tom Rogers’ Zampa-caused runout was unexpectedly not revealed. Since then, a lot has transpired. Although Zampa spoke out about the incident and the MCC even offered its official take on it, the debate that the act has sparked won’t end.

“When we spoke earlier, Zamps [Zampa] said that we would have withdrawn our plea even if it had been made public. Cricket still cannot be played in this manner. It was more of a warning to the batter not to leave the game too soon since it often happens at the end of innings, “The Stars coach, David Hussey, had said.

Brian Lara, one of baseball’s all-time great hitters, has since spoken out about the incident and expressed his opinion that it is OK to run out non-strikers who reach the crease too soon. Lara feels that if the bowlers get no-balls for even a little overstep, it is just “unfair” for batsmen to leave their crease to gain an advantage.

“You’re telling the bowler that if he steps over the line by a centimeter, it’s against the regulations, am I correct? But are you allowed to utilize that advantage by moving three or four yards down the track? It has to be taken out of the game, and these guys have to understand that remaining in their crease gives little advantage, I tell Adam.” Lara said on Fox Cricket.

When Deepti Sharma of India ran out Charlotte Edwards to win an ODI for India Women against England last year, it set off a domino effect. Numerous former players of cricket joined in and discussed whether the infamous way of firing was the right course of action. Leaving its legality aside, there have been concerns over whether running out a batter for backing up is in keeping with the spirit of the game. Some individuals believe there is no issue, while others do not. Additionally, there is a segment that feels that at the very least a warning should be issued, similar to what Mitchell Starc did to Theunis de Bruyn during the second Test match between Australia and South Africa.