The BCCI has set a pay cap of Rs 90 crore for the 2022 season for the 10 IPL franchises, including the two newcomers, and has allowed a maximum of four retentions for the eight existing teams. According to PTI, when the previous teams reveal their retention choices, the two new franchises — Lucknow and Ahmedabad — would be given the option of selecting three players from the auction pool.

“The BCCI had sent a letter to all the franchises informing them of the new rules,” a senior IPL franchise official told PTI. “Four retentions will cost a team Rs 42 crore, while three retentions will result in a reduction of Rs 33 crore. Retaining two players will result in a deduction of Rs 24 crore, while keeping one player will result in a payment of Rs 14 crore out of the total of Rs 90 crore,” he explained.

He further stated that the amount paid to the player and the amount retained are not always the same.

“If the Delhi Capitals keep Rishabh Pant as their ‘player 1’ out of four maximum players, the purse will be deducted by Rs 16 crore. Pant’s actual take-home pay, however, does not correspond to the amount withdrawn from his pocketbook. It’s possible that it’ll be a lot less. I’m only using this as an example “said the official.

In the case of four retentions, there may be three Indians and one international player, or two Indians and as many foreigners as possible. When the two new teams are allowed to choose from the pool, they will have the option of selecting two Indian and one international player from the pool.

When it comes to uncapped players, previous franchises will have two picks while new franchises will only get one. According to the letter, eight old franchises may keep their players for the entire month of November, and then Lucknow and Ahmedabad would get an opportunity to pick their three players from December 1 to 25, before the auction in early January.