The National Cricket Academy (NCA) in Bangalore has an opening for a head of cricket, according to the BCCI. Former India captain Rahul Dravid previously held the position, but his two-year term has come to an end. If Dravid wants to get another extension, he can apply again.

Dravid recently travelled to Sri Lanka as head coach of India’s limited overs team, while still coaching the Test team in England. He was asked if he wanted to be India’s head coach on a long-term basis after the six games in Sri Lanka, but he was non-committal on the high-profile matter.

With Ravi Shastri’s tenure ending in November 2021, after the T20 World Cup, speculation is rife that Rahul Dravid could be considered for the India men’s team head coach position. The current head coach age limit, like the NCA head coach post, is 60 years old, and Shastri turned 59 in May. If India fails to perform well in the T20 World Cup, Dravid may be called upon.

Dravid was named as the NCA head in August 2019, and has been acknowledged with playing a vital part in helping India develop a strong bench strength during his time as the U-19 coach and India A coach. Dravid is expected to ask for a two-year extension, according to the Press Trust of India. The application deadline is August 15th.

“The Head Cricket NCA will be in charge of overseeing the NCA’s entire cricket coaching programme. He will be in charge of all cricketers who train at the Academy, including their preparation, growth, and performance ” reads the job description for the NCA head on the BCCI website. He will be solely responsible for the development of emerging and youth cricketers who are assigned to the NCA through the male and female player development programmes.