In order to fill the gaps created in the team squad compositions due to COVID-19, BBL has made a schedule of replacement players for the squads of all teams. The BBL has introduced certain rules to maintain uniformity and a better distribution of substitutes for the teams. All the players will follow league protocols and will be given a home team. They can, however, be contracted by other teams as a requirement.

Alistair Dobson has given statements about this new model of BBL. He says, “The local replacement player pool is another example of the league and clubs working together to handle the season’s issues with creative solutions. The player pool gives teams more choices if players are unavailable due to injury, illness, or other situations, while also expediting the biosecurity process of incorporating LRPs into the group.”

To keep the COVID spread at bay, the league matches have been shifted to Melbourne for now. This keeps travel time shorter and fixtures can be changed effectively and more quickly at a moment’s notice. The pandemic has affected BBL on a big scale, considering the fact that all 8 teams have confirmed positive COVID cases in the past few weeks.

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