The chairman and CEO of the International Cricket Council (ICC), Greg Barclay and Geoff Allardice, have made appointments with television and digital media leaders in India and will meet with them in Mumbai. Both will be in the city on Friday for the IPL playoffs and final, having been invited by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI).

Barclay will be joined by the CEO in Mumbai before heading to Ahmedabad for the final on Sunday. Barclay is presently in Kolkata for the first two play-off matches (May 29). The meeting is scheduled to address the ICC rights tender, which is expected to be concluded in July, according to ICC sources and media executives who spoke to Cricbuzz. The ICC will auction the global cricket rights for the 2024-31 cycle. The tender will be released as soon as the BCCI finishes selling the IPL rights by mid-June.

The Champions Trophy in 2025, which has been given to Pakistan, will be one of the topics of discussion. There was significant dispute in India when the ICC awarded the tournament to Pakistan, and India’s Sports Minister Anurag Thakur had also spoken on it with reference to India’s participation. The meeting follows a similar gathering of the two ICC bosses with television executives and digital players in Mumbai last month. The broadcasters had also mentioned the problem at the time.