Both Virat Kohli and the current India captain, Rohit Sharma, are legends of cricket’s contemporary age and are both geniuses in their own right. Who is the better hitter between the two has long been a topic of discussion among experts, seasoned players, and cricket fans? However, Sohail Khan, a seasoned bowler for Pakistan, agreed with Rohit and provided an astonishing justification for his decision.

Sohail was reliving his 2015 World Cup encounter against India, his only ever appearance against the Men in Blue when he had collected a career-best 5 for 55 when suddenly he turned the conversation to Rohit and his batting. Sohail was speaking on the “Nadir Ali Podcast” program on the YouTube channel.

Although he praised Kohli as a “large hitter,” he acknowledged that Rohit is a “far better batsman” because of the bowler’s view on his technique.

I like Kohli because he is a powerful batsman. As a bowler, I believe Rohit Sharma to be a far superior hitter than him. His execution is excellent. He stated, “He plays the ball late as if he had all the time in the world.

Sohail cut the anchor off by stating, “He has ruled global cricket in the previous 10 to 12 years,” when the anchor brought up Rohit’s recent struggles in white-ball cricket.

When further questioned about who Rohit is a better batter than Kohli, the Pakistan fast bowler—who last participated in an international match in 2016—explained that the India captain can score runs solely with his bat while the former captain uses his fitness to the best of his abilities to score runs even by running between the wickets.

Kohli’s scores run dependent on his physical condition. If he scores one run, he is prepared to do it again right away. That’s not what Rohit does. After scoring one run, he doesn’t even attempt to add another. Rohit uses his bat to score. Kohli scores a run between the wickets and with the bat. Again, this is advantageous because when you are physically healthy, you reflect on yourself naturally, the speaker continued.