While the opening pair played fiercely, Virat Kohli failed to win just one more time. He handled a ball from Richard Gleeson improperly, which allowed Dawid Malan to make an outstanding catch while moving backward.

During Kohli’s continuous slump, the topic of his form is still a contentious one. Since the club has chosen a new strategy for playing aggressive cricket and the star batter has lately seemed to be a pale ghost of himself, Ajay Jadeja said that he would not choose Virat Kohli for his T20 squad.

“You were told that there was another way to play the same game. You keep receiving scores between 180 to 200. Although the game hasn’t changed, there is now a choice in how you play. I think Rohit Sharma will decide what Jadeja remarked to Sony Sports. Anyone moving to the side, in my opinion, has just two choices. This is how I interpret events. The coach added, “You can either play the way you have been playing and give new players a chance, or you can go back to your former group that competed before you started trying to provide opportunities.”

Kohli, who has played in 76 international innings across all formats without a century, is going through his worst hitting slump as India searches for the ideal team for this year’s World T20. “Virat Kohli is a special athlete. The shift in the team’s batting strategy, not the absence of hundreds, should be the reason why Kohli isn’t selected,” stated Jadeja. If it weren’t for Virat Kohli, Jadeja said, he most likely wouldn’t have been playing Test cricket either.

When you look at the statistics, you see that he hasn’t scored 100 points in the past eight to ten games. However, you shouldn’t disregard him because he didn’t achieve perfection. You don’t cut him off because of his prior deeds. You have to decide if Virat Kohli is the player for you. Would you like to first catch runs in the back with that front-end stability? The traditional method is still used, with players like MS Dhoni reaching 60 runs in the last four overs with Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli batting first.

Depending on the persona you decide to adopt. I think you have to choose something that’s challenging. If I were to choose one T20 squad, Virat definitely wouldn’t be on it,” he stated.