The ride India has had in the T20 World Cup so far has not been a bed of roses. The Rohit Sharma-led team has worked very hard to secure tight victories over Asian rivals Pakistan and Bangladesh, except for the game against the Netherlands. India has only lost one game in the competition so far, and it was a close game as well. This does not imply, however, as several well-known individuals, like former Australia captain Ricky Ponting, have said, that Team India has not yet performed to its full capacity. Ashwin responded to Ponting’s statement that “India hasn’t been at their best” by saying that it would be “unfair” to make such a statement.

“India hasn’t yet played at their peak, but Virat has been outstanding in a few games. He is now the T20 World Cup’s top run-scorer, and I believe that India needs Virat to perform well if they are to advance and win “Ponting had informed the media.

T20 is a game of razor-thin margins, according to Ashwin, and tight games don’t always indicate that the superior side on paper hasn’t played at its best.

“The experts believe that, given how the game has changed, they are now catching up. Therefore, it would be unfair to claim that the squad has not performed well or is not at its best. It all depends on how well one plays that particular day and how one will handle a bowler who has bowled a strong over. You cannot definitively state that a team has played poor or excellent cricket. Since T20 cricket is playing with thin margins, I would only advise writing evaluations after games “Added he. During the Saturday pre-game press conference, Ashwin remarked.

Ashwin said that those who are commenting on the game are also learning about T20 as a format when asked what he felt about India being the favorites to defeat Zimbabwe.

“We did not travel well to get here (laughs). We played Pakistan and Bangladesh in two pretty difficult games. These contests were tightly contested. Because the outcome of the game is determined by such slim margins, I believe that even those who watch the game and provide their professional analysis are still learning “Added he.

A straightforward equation is in front of India. Everything is up for grabs. They will win Group 2 and, more significantly, secure their spot in the semifinals if they defeat Zimbabwe on Sunday. India will also qualify if Melbourne is a washout, but South Africa will win the group if they defeat the Netherlands in their last game.

India’s prospects will become minimal if Zimbabwe wins since Pakistan has a higher run rate and would qualify if they defeat Bangladesh.