Who distinguished themselves during India’s victory against Pakistan on the last ball on Sunday in Melbourne? Naturally, Virat Kohli! His unbeaten 82 off 53 balls is often cited as his best T20I performance. Hardik Pandya, using both a bat and a ball. After getting three crucial wickets, he contributed 40 runs with the bat, which was crucial. Why are we still thinking about Arshdeep Singh? His speed with the new ball after India decided to bowl first was what put Pakistan on the back foot. He dismissed Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan, Pakistan’s top two T20 batters, during the powerplay. Is this it? Was there anything else interesting to mention? Do your research. Yes, Ravichandran Ashwin!

His bowling figures were 3 overs 0 for 23, but India won thanks to his efforts at the bat. How exactly is it a match-winning contribution when the scoreboard indicates that he scored an unbeaten goal off only one ball, you ask? It occurs when you come to bat and your team needs two runs off of one ball.

Despite being under pressure, Ashwin maintained composure and let the ball collect a wide after foreseeing Pakistan’s left-arm spinner Mohammad Nawaz’s attempt to go for his pads. “As soon as I saw the ball moving down the leg side and realized I had no business playing it, I took the choice to leave the ball alone and make one run for the wide. On his YouTube channel, Ashwin remarked, “I felt so at peace as soon as I finished the run.

The seasoned off-spinner said that he had blamed Dinesh Karthik for getting dismissed in such a situation, leaving him with the difficult task of scoring two runs off the last ball. “As I took the field, I hated Dinesh Karthik for a moment before realizing that we still had time to reach our objectives. I felt like I was trekking for an age to get to the field, Ashwin said.

India’s chosen finisher, Karthik, tried an out-of-character slog-sweep with 2 runs needed off of 2 balls but lost his balance and was out. In a video that the BCCI uploaded online after the game, the India goalie praised Ashwin for “saving his life.”