Ashwin R The squad members were very proud of India’s achievement against England the previous year, but it was personally discouraging to miss all four Test matches. His greatest opportunity to play came during the third Test at The Oval when it was suggested that two spinners be used. However, the team management decided to stick with only one and chose Ravindra Jadeja.

As fate would have it, the fifth Test was rescheduled to begin on Friday at Edgbaston, a location noted for favoring spinners, after being postponed owing to an epidemic of COVID-19 infections in the Indian camp.

Rahul Dravid is the head coach, and Rohit Sharma serves as the team’s captain. The fifth Test may end up being Ashwin’s first of the series if the present think tank is confident in the off-efficiency spinners.

Despite having to wait to go to England after testing positive for COVID-19, he had strong bowling in the second innings of the exhibition match against Leicestershire. The lengthy Indian Premier League didn’t take long to become irrelevant.

“I had my mental trainer. I’ve personally been through a lot, and these days I forget things easily. Therefore, I don’t remember what occurred in England last year; I simply strive to take on the positives. I will be extremely thrilled and will be rooting for the team to win 3-1 so that I can boast that I was a member of an Indian squad that won in England and Australia. That’s what I desire since, sadly, we were unable to triumph in South Africa, Ashwin stated on the sidelines of a recent Mumbai event.