On Tuesday, England wicketkeeper-batsman Jos Buttler and his T20 World Cup 2021 teammates were released from quarantine and rejoined the rest of the test squad on the Gold Coast (November 29). Buttler stated that he will approach his first test trip of Australia with “fearlessness” and that he will be concentrating solely on cricket as England attempts to reclaim the Ashes.

The Queensland rain may have thrown a kink in the works by cancelling the first day of an intra-squad match, but Buttler was unconcerned about his lack of red-ball experience ahead of the first test in Brisbane next week. “In today’s world, many of us switch between formats on a regular basis. Things have changed a lot in the COVID-19 period as well, with quarantine restrictions making certain things a little bit difficult “, he informed reporters about it.

“I believe that is something that you simply must cope with as a modern athlete, to be able to walk into situations without having completed all of your preparation. No team should use that as an excuse; you can still show up on the first day and put in a strong performance in the test match”.

Before agreeing to tour, England’s players fought hard over the limitations they would face during the five tests in Australia, particularly the right to bring their families with them. The emergence of the Omicron coronavirus subtype on Australian soil could compel Cricket Australia to reschedule the fifth test or change the circumstances for players and their families. Buttler, on the other hand, was apprehensive about debating hypothetical scenarios. He stated, “It’s exhausting to talk about it when you don’t know. That’s not something I’m concerned about right now. There’s a week till the first test here, and we’re concentrating all of our efforts on that.”

Other distractions for England have included the racism controversy that has gripped the English game, while Australia has dealt with the impact from the ‘sexting’ incident that cost them their captain, Tim Paine.