Asad Rauf, a former Pakistani umpire, has recently spoken out against player suspensions, stating that few cricket players are familiar with the rules of the game and that many players were not even informed of their bans.

“Many individuals who have been banned never learned why they were expelled. They are unaware of the 15-degree rule and other relevant information. When the media arrived to interview me, they informed me that they had enquired about the ban from the board office. What would they know about this, I questioned? You ought to have visited us. Rauf said during a discussion on the Sports Paktv YouTube channel, “It’s our duty.

“What caused Saeed Ajmal’s suspension? In Sri Lanka, 63 of his deliveries were prohibited. He wasn’t just prohibited because he was from Pakistan. People claim that the ICC treats Pakistan like a stepchild, but such behavior is not acceptable at this level. Such regulations need to have been made known to the public. People claim that Saeed Ajmal’s exclusion was due to his Pakistani heritage. Why didn’t Harbhajan get a ban? All of it is foolishness. These choices are made at a very high level and entirely following the rules of the game, according to Rauf.

In 2013, allegations surfaced that Asad Rauf, a former Pakistani umpire, had engaged in spot-fixing during the Indian Premier League. He was ultimately removed from the ICC panel.