Throughout the T20 World Cup, the Pakistan Cricket team’s social media staff has done an amazing job of letting fans see what goes on behind the scenes, particularly in the locker room after the team wins a game. Videos of what happens in the dressing room after a game that Pakistan has won or lost are routinely uploaded to the PCB’s YouTube channel and Twitter account.

The PCB’s social media keeps its supporters up to speed, whether it is captain Babar Azam’s inspirational speech after the loss to India or coach Matthew Hayden’s ferocious pep talk after they qualified for the semifinal. Wasim Akram, a former captain of Pakistan, is one individual who opposes these films and feels that whatever occurs in a locker room should be kept private and not made public.

“If I were Babar, I would contact the person filming the video. Some things are sometimes private. I support social media, player engagement with fans, and everything else. But in this World Cup, I have not seen any other team do it. So, refrain from the impulse to get more followers or likes. This is excessive.” Speaking on A-Sports, Akram

“Every moment, recordings are being made. Imagine giving a message to my team while sitting down without realizing that someone is filming. Simply say to him, “Guys, unwind for two days.” Do it somewhere, not in the dressing room.”

After the PCB’s film from yesterday, which followed Pakistan’s victory over Bangladesh in a fictitious quarterfinal, Akram addressed the subject. In the video, Mohammad Haris, a batter, receives Babar’s advice on leaving the game early for his team. Haris got out on the penultimate delivery of the 17th over with Pakistan only seven runs shy of Bangladesh’s 128-run goal while batting on 31 off 18 balls.

“Haris, you played well. However, these little things will boost your self-assurance. For instance, your level will change as you complete a game. Make sure you don’t lose a wicket while you have the game in your hands. Wherever you play, our elders informed me that when you win a game, your confidence level rises “In the video, Babar added.

Waqar Younis joined Akram and agreed with his old captain’s opinion that such team meetings and gatherings should be open to the public. More so since information leaks, player fights, and other such situations have a history in Pakistani cricket.

“I completely agree with you. Anything that occurs in the dressing room should remain there. People used to yell, dispute, and fight because of this issue, which existed before as well when a lot of information was released to the media. And now that you have captured it and are broadcasting it to the globe, “Waqar referred.