Particularly when playing on the greatest stage, Virat Kohli has a stellar record against Pakistan. Even though Kohli is one of the few current players who was a member of the last Indian team to face Pakistan in a bilateral series, some of his finest performances against Pakistan have come in World Cup and Asia Cup matches. One of these occurred at the 2015 World Cup when he contributed 107 runs to India’s 76-run victory in the encounter during the group stage. With fast bowler, Sohail Khan taking five wickets, including Kohli’s, Pakistan did have a chance. However, neither Kohli nor the then-skipper MS Dhoni was the bowler’s most difficult dismissals.

He played for Pakistan from 2008 to 2016, and his 5 for 55 against India is still his best ODI performance in 13 games. Some of the best batsmen of the time, including Dhoni, Suresh Raina, and a hot Kohli, were among those who were dismissed. However, Rohit Sharma’s firing was the hardest for Sohail, who acknowledged that it was.

The right-arm bowler revealed on Nadir Ali’s YouTube channel that he was afraid to bowl against Rohit because of his ability to play the ball late and the fact that he was a technically proficient hitter. He remembers thinking that Rohit would finish up hitting a double century if he survives his new-ball period.

Sohail ultimately got rid of Rohit for only 15 off 20 in the eighth over.

“My strategy was to try to remove Rohit Sharma because he plays his strokes extremely late and is highly technical since I am bowling with the new ball and he was the first hitter to come to the crease. Jaan nikalta hai, jaan churana nehi woh bowler ki He wasn’t the kind of hitter to dismiss bowlers; instead, he drained their life force. He has an endless amount of time. He would still smash you for a six against a 150kmph delivery just like he would against a 120kmph one. I was just terrified of him out of all the players. If he is successful in staying, he will attempt a 200 rather than a century. Good, I have discarded that,” he responded.

Pakistan crumbled for only 224 in response to India’s 301-run total, with Mohammed Shami scoring four runs.