The goal of any aspiring cricketer is to perform onstage alongside his hero. Virat Kohli was able to do it with Sachin Tendulkar, Steve Waugh played with Allan Border, Chris Gayle afterward worked with Brian Lara, and Jasprit Bumrah will undoubtedly get the opportunity to bowl with him. In franchise cricket as well as in international cricket, these “dream come true” moments have occurred frequently. Ahead of the first ILT20, Afghan youngster Rahmanullah Gurbaz, who will be playing for the Sharjah Warriors, has shared one such dream: to either play with or against the legendary Dhoni.

The possibility of Gurbaz and Dhoni facing off against one another in an India vs. Afghanistan match is no longer a possibility since the former India skipper has retired from international cricket. Gurbaz, though, is defiantly hoping despite all chances that franchise cricket would enable him to fulfill his lifelong dream. The 21-year-old, who grew up idolizing Dhoni and AB de Villiers, is hopeful that he will play with MSD this year.

“Unfortunately, I never had the chance to play with the two guys I had in mind. De Villiers was one of them. He was a great inspiration to me. My hero was him. Since I was little, I have closely watched him. Although he is now retired, I hope that playing with MS Dhoni, against him, and with him in the same game is still feasible this year. I want this desire to come true “In a discussion, Gurbaz told Hindustan Times.

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Do you remember the event or time that first sparked your interest in cricket?

I was a highly skilled goalie when I was a young football player. Suddenly, I saw our Afghanistan cricket team playing with tiny teams rather than on television. One of the men from our neighborhood, Navroz, played for Afghanistan’s national team and served as its captain. I once saw him play on television during the World Cup and was so impressed by him that I decided to start playing cricket. I went to a cricket field and got right to work.

Who helped you the most in your early years?

One of my pals, as I had previously indicated. Hamat Kadar is his name. He has been there for me from the beginning. My family was not supportive at the time since they were unaware of cricket. I was anxious when I first began playing cricket since my family preferred that I focus on my studies instead of sports. Hamat, a friend of mine, helped me out financially and in every other way.

We’d want to learn more about your ILT20 team, so could you please provide some background information?

First of all, everyone has a fantastic opportunity. ILT20 cricket is a brand-new competition that is excellent for everyone. I believe that our squad is evenly matched on all three fronts—batting, bowling, and fielding. There will be fierce competition for us.