On Sunday, Afghanistan Cricket Board Chairman Azizullah Fazli will travel to Lahore to meet with his Pakistani counterpart Ramiz Raja to discuss the possibility of the two countries hosting a white-ball series. Fazli will meet with Raja in Lahore, according to a trustworthy source within the Pakistan Cricket Board.

The tour was recently cancelled due to the withdrawal of New Zealand and England, angering Raja and many Pakistani supporters. Afghanistan, on the other hand, is going through a tough period, with the Taliban taking control of the country and ousting the president.

In early September, Afghanistan was set to host Pakistan for their first bilateral ODI series in Sri Lanka, but the series was postponed after the Taliban gained control of the country. The PCB would have a difficult time making a final judgement on Fazli’s invitation, according to the source, because the Pakistani government has yet to recognise the Taliban government.

If the Taliban leadership does not allow women to participate in cricket activities, the International Cricket Council (ICC) is considering barring the conflict-torn country from the 2021 T20 World Cup.

When the Taliban took control of Kabul, a number of women’s footballers and cricketers fled the country, fearing retaliation from the extreme organisation.

“It’s a risky scenario at the moment, despite the fact that Pakistan is plainly short on international cricket following New Zealand’s decision to skip their series in Pakistan and return home, as well as the England board’s decision to cancel their tour of the country. When you add Afghanistan’s postponed series, there’s no doubt that Pakistan desperately needs international matches,” the source said. “However, given the Taliban government’s status, the PCB faces a difficult decision.”

In the T20 World Cup, Afghanistan is in Pakistan’s group.