Justin Langer, the Australian cricket team’s head coach, resigned earlier this month. Now, Langer’s former colleague and Australian cricket star Adam Gilchrist believes Langer is capable of taking over as England’s head coach. After England’s Ashes series, coach Chris Silverwood was fired, and Gilchrist believes Langer would be a good match in the England system. Gilchrist also said that seeing Langer and Ben Stokes work together would be fantastic, and that Stokes’ work ethic is comparable to Langer’s.

“I’m not saying this to be controversial, but I believe he’d be a terrific match with England’s current system. Justin Langer collaborating with Ben Stokes would be fantastic. It would be fascinating to watch what might grow, develop, and sprout from Stokes’ work ethic, which is on par with Justin Langer’s,” Gilchrist remarked on The Shackles Are Off podcast. Justin Langer is wounded, according to Adam Gilchrist, and it may take some time for things to happen. Gilchrist went on to say that Langer needs more time to recover and that when his time with Australia is up, he should figure out what he wants to do with the rest of his life.

“It could be a little too soon. You don’t have to be Einstein to figure out that he’s been injured. He needs some time to recover, brush himself off, and figure out if he wants to be a career coach or whether he was guiding Australia to the peak and now wants to pursue a variety of other things,” Adam Gilchrist said. Gilchrist played 96 Tests, 287 ODIs, and 13 T20Is for Australia throughout his international career.