By capturing seven wickets in the first innings of the second Test match on Friday, rookie Pakistani spinner Abrar Ahmed stunned the England team. The leg spinner bowled out all seven of England’s best hitters, including Joe Root and captain Ben Stokes. At one point, England was 117/1 when the rookie got four quick wickets and reduced the score to 167/5. The visitors struggled to reach 281 in the first innings as Abrar decimated the top order, losing 10 wickets in the process.

Due to his excellent performance, Abrar quickly gained notice, and numerous cricket experts referred to him as a “mystery spinner.” Ben Duckett, who scored England’s first-inning half-century, dismissed the focus on Abrar. After the first day was over, Duckett told Sky Sports straight that the England hitters would be well-prepared for the Pakistani spinner in the second innings and that there was no real mystery about his bowling.

“I can only talk to one person at once, and I knew I was talking to him. He wasn’t very enigmatic; he was simply a great leg-spinner with a great googly. We’ll have our plans for the second inning, but I’m certain we won’t be getting in the way, said Duckett. “He bowled well today. ” His googly was considerably slower, but I think I swept 90% of the time, and when you sweep, you don’t necessarily look for it. Most of the men claimed to have chosen him in general. The speaker said that he “just bowled some terrific deliveries, and unfortunately for us, it was his day.”

Duckett continued by outlining his strategy for using the spinner in the game’s second innings.

The majority of the tape, which consisted of him bowling in the nets, did not include any left-handed bowlers. I’d prefer not to worry and speculate about what he may do and to not be aware of all of his tactics. Duckett stated: “I’d rather focus on what I can do to hurt him.”