What’s the number one sign of an excellent test captain? Overseas test wins, of course! So we’ve compiled this list of captains with the most overseas test wins to help you find your favorite skipper. Some of the most successful captains in cricket history did not lead their teams to victories overseas but had tremendous success on home soil. However, there are some captains who have had an equal number of wins both at home and abroad, which has led to them having the most overseas test wins among all captains in cricket history. Getting more overseas test wins than any other captain in the history of cricket isn’t easy. It takes skill, leadership, tactical know-how, and sheer tenacity to lead your team to victory on foreign soil time and time again against some of the best teams in the world. But these 5 captains with the most overseas test wins did just that and in doing so displayed an uncanny ability to never give up and stick to their tactics no matter what happened on the pitch.

Over the course of cricket’s history, many different captains have led their teams through overseas tests in various countries and climates. Some captains have enjoyed far more success than others, with some accumulating over 50 test wins and others with less than 5 test win away home.  Our rankings are based on the number of overseas tests won by each captain and the number of matches that they captained in total. The top 5 included here are not only successful captains, but they’re also some of the greatest players to have ever played cricket! Don’t miss out on this list if you love test cricket!

#5. Allan Border (13)

Allan Border is Australia’s most successful overseas test captain, leading his team to 13 wins. He took over as captain of Australia in 1985 after Kim Hughes had a disastrous year and led them to their first Ashes win in 18 years. Under his leadership they also won back-to-back Ashes in 1989 and 1990, beating England 2–0 in both series, as well as winning away from home against New Zealand and Sri Lanka. He played 156 tests for Australia, scoring 11174 runs at an average of 50.57 with 27 centuries, 1 double century (205), and 63 fifties.

#4. Steve Waugh (16)

Stephen Rodger Waugh AM (born 2 June 1965 in Canterbury, Sydney, New South Wales) is a former Australian cricketer and captain of Australia. He played in 168 Tests and 260 inns from 1985 to 2004. Steve Waugh is considered as one of best test captains of all time. As an excellent middle-order batsman, he was usually dismissed for single-figure scores but made up for it with the astute tactical play that helped him make many match-winning decisions during his career. Steve Waugh, leading his team to 16 overseas wins. which makes him on the top 5 of the most overseas test wins list.

# 3. Ricky Ponting (18)

Ricky Ponting is Australia’s most successful overseas test captain, leading his country to victories in 18 of their 56 matches. This equates to an astounding win percentage of 35.1%. There’s really not much more that needs to be said about Ricky Ponting. His skill as a player was impeccable and his leadership capabilities (while often criticized) were still very good. He also picked up victories against formidable opposition such as England, South Africa, West Indies, and Pakistan all within his first 6 Tests at the helm.

#2. Graeme Smith (22)

Graeme Smith will go down as one of South Africa’s best captains. It was under his leadership that South Africa had their most successful era – they won many overseas Tests and he led them to No 1 in Tests for several years in a row, something that no other team has done before or since. He also has more overseas wins than any other South African captain with 22 overseas wins.

#1. Clive Lloyd (23)

A successful captain, who led West Indies to a phenomenal record of 23 wins. He is by far West Indies’ most successful overseas test captain. He captained West Indies from 1974 to 1985. Lloyd was at his best when he had great batsmen like Viv Richards, Gordon Greenidge, and Desmond Haynes to back him up. In fact, Lloyd had a winning percentage of 67% which puts him at the top spot for overseas captains.


It’s always fascinating to observe those who have reached remarkable levels of success in their careers. It’s almost as if we have a natural attraction to these individuals, which may be due to our desire to emulate them. But perhaps it is because it gives us hope that we too can succeed at what we love and make a name for ourselves along the way. For many international cricketers, there is no better feeling than being captaining your country on home soil in front of an adoring crowd, but some overseas captains enjoy just as much success away from home.