Indian Premier League (IPL) 2020 season was scheduled to start on March 29th but thanks to Corona Virus pandemic Cricket fans all over the world are left to watch old IPL videos or World Cup matches during this hard time.

Although BCCI or IPL governing council has not made any official announcements about the fate of IPL 2020, it seems that the 13th edition of the Indian Premier League may have to wait longer than expected.

India seemed to have kept things under check as COVID 19 was not spreading at the same rate as it did in Italy, the United States and Spain. However, recent events in Delhi’s Nizamuddin area (Tablighi Jamaat gathering), the number of positive cases in India are increasing at a very rapid pace.

Looking at the seriousness of this pandemic it seems there are only 3 possible conclusions for the IPL 2020 season, 2 of which may not please the Cricket fans.

#1. Cancel the season altogether – Yes, there will be plenty of losses for all parties associated with the IPL (Players, Franchise, TV Broadcasters, Advertisers) but the current scenario is way bigger than anyone’s paycheck.

Setting a reset button on IPL 2020 season will allow all cricket boards to keep hold of their players in the best of conditions and ensure that no cricketer is found positive for Corona Virus. Traveling to India may become a hassle if the number of reported positive cases does not go down in the coming weeks.

Add to that, guaranteeing security for 8 different teams would mean to cut down the number of police personnel who are working to ensure the safety of Indian people – which in no way seems right. Thus, under the current circumstances, canceling the IPL 2020 season seems to be the best foot forward.

#2. Play the complete season behind-closed-doors – This was one idea that got everyone’s attention as it would allow the cricket action to continue during these difficult times. Playing behind closed doors would enable IPL 2020 season to go on and also ensure fans’ safety.

However, issues related to the security and safety of players would still be a factor as they will have to first travel from their respective countries and make sure that everything is in order. BCCI and other cricket boards will have to be very bold to go ahead with this plan.

The Indian travel ban is currently in place until April 14th so we may have to wait until then to even discuss the idea of IPL 2020 going ahead, even behind closed doors.

#3. Play a mini IPL after T20 World Cup – Perhaps the most ideal solution to salvage the IPL 2020 season is to wait for another 5-6 months and then find a 2-3 week’s schedule after T20 World Cup later this year and play a short version of the IPL 2020 season.

Instead of playing 2 fixtures against each team, BCCI and Indian Premier League governing council can look at just 1 fixture against each team and decide the 4 teams reaching the playoff stages. This would allow everyone involved with IPL cricket to get their dose of cricket excitement and more importantly waiting for another 4-5 months would tell everyone how Corona Virus pandemic would be in the coming months.

It is widely expected that this virus may go away in the next 4-5 months’ time and if that is the case then it is highly likely that waiting until October-November would be the ideal thing to do for any sporting event.